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NO1. Global Lifestyle Media Shopping Leader.

- CJ ENM is expanding its sphere from Asia to the entire world and is becoming the world’s no.1 multi-media retailer, creating new shopping values. CJ ENM, the very first Korean home shopping company to enter the global market by launching “Dongbang CJ” in Shanghai, China in 2004, later partnered up with major companies in India, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Turkey, Philippines, Mexico and Malaysia, is slowly going beyond Asia’s top multi-media retailer to expand worldwide.
- CJ ENM has introduced the Korean-type home shopping programs called ‘shoppertainment’ which combines shopping & entertainment and has introduced ‘K-brands’ (Korean brand) to lead the ‘home shopping Hallyu’ in the world. It also established the subsidiary ‘CJ IMC’ for stable sourcing and supply of merchandises and to introduce popular Korean products internationally, while conducting importations of excellent overseas products to Korea and other international corporation. CJ ENM also provides opportunities for small and medium sized Korean businesses to safely pioneer into the global market.
- CJ ENM is expanding beyond the Asian home shopping belt into the global arena and will continuously create the successful story of ‘K-brand’ using CJ ENM’s overseas network as well as finding new global networks to expand our business area and to create shared value amongst our partner corporations.


CJ ENM is striving to become the best online shopping company that is a leader of trendy lifestyles.
CJ ENM offers exclusive only-one products and services through diverse multi-media platform, providing the most convenient shopping experiences and values to customers around the globe.

Business Overview “Beyond Home Shopping

CJ ENM is the first company in Korea to introduce TV home shopping channel, leading the new ways of media distribution by TV, T-commerce, internet, mobile applications, catalogues and is the leader of creating new shopping culture in Korea.

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